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You are getting married! Congratulations!

One of the first things you need to arrange is of course the location. In the municipality of Ede you have several locations where you can get married. It is important that you choose the location that suits you best. De waldhoorn is a top location for a pleasant and accessible wedding. If you are not looking for a castle but a smaller-scale, intimate wedding, then you have come to the right place. 


Ringen website

De Waldhoorn, a family business for over 200 years. What started as a stopping place for passing travelers developed into a versatile meeting point for lovers of nature and culture. With respect for the past, De Waldhoorn has developed into a real Veluws restaurant with a beautiful modern terrace. Behind De Waldhoorn there are 2 more rooms where meetings, team building, group activities, parties and weddings are held. 

The halls are contemporary with a Veluwse look that perfectly matches the environment. Adjacent to a private terrace with a relaxing garden where the ceremony is held. As an option for a wedding, we use de Schietlokaal. This is a nice cozy and quiet space where the ceremony can be held.

The adjoining terrace is a perfect location for the toast, cake moment and reception. In bad weather this can be moved to de Korenschuur. De Korenschuur and de Schietlokaal are both at your disposal during the wedding. In terms of dinner, the various spaces and the terrace can be used. The dinner can consist of a Veluwe BBQ, a 4/5 course dinner or a walking dinner. De Korenschuur is the perfect opportunity for a beautiful party with standing tables and benches on the outside for guests who want to sit. Where in the middle a dance floor is created for the big dance spectacle.

Bruiloft Fotograaf & Bruiloft Videograaf

Ringen website

Relive your day as often as you want! A photographer and videographer is highly recommended to capture your wedding. We have already selected a number of good options for you. 


Ringen website

Strawberry tree

We mainly use the strawberry tree for the reception of the day quests/reception or for the toast moment. Delicious fresh strawberries immersed in white and dark chocolate. Sueper tasty and Original snack for your wedding.


A wedding requires appropriate decoration to enhance the atmosphere even more! It is often the smallest details that complete the wedding. With us you have the option of arranging all decorations entirely according to your own wishes or we organize it for you.


Flowers should not be missing at a weeding. They are beautiful, immediatly create a romantic atmosphere  and they come in any color. With flowers at your wedding, think not only of a beautiful wedding bouquet but also large flower arrangements on pillars at the ceremony and centerpieces on the dinner table in the colors of the wedding theme. We work together with florist: enjoybeautyflowers, she takes care of the decoration in terms of flowers in and around the restaurant. If you prefer to decorate the rooms with your own florist, then that is also possible of course.

Wedding cake

As a restaurant, we naturally make our own delicious wedding cake. You can choose one large wedding cake, but also a small wedding cake for the cut-in moment and for the quests small different types of pastry that we can make ourselves. Several employees in the company have a pastry course. In the 2nd interview you can indicate yourself which tastes you prefer. During the trial moment you can make the final choice yourself in the type of wedding cake.


Ringen website

If you have any questions, need advice or an introductory meeting, please contact our wedding planner. Send an e-mail to communicatie@de-waldhoorn.nl or call 0318-591239 and ask for Seerske Zwiers

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