De Waldhoorn

Not looking for a big hotel, but a small, informal location? Dan this is the place to be. De Waldhoorn is a place to calm down and where Leisure and Business can be optimalized. Everything we do is in sign of the Veluwe Experience, an experience that completely connects with the environment.

At De Waldhoorn we present a menu card inspired by a Farm theme. We promise you a ‘Veluwse’ Experience by using local dishes and products. You will quickly feel the farm experience and of course litteraly taste it aswell.

Would you like to clear your mind during the meeting? De Waldhoorn offers several activities, such as a shooting workshop, a tour on a e-chopper, beekeeping workshop and weekly cycle tours with the regional guide. Zie hier onze activiteiten

Facilities & reachablility

De Waldhoorn features 2 halls. ‘De Korenschuur’ and the shooting gallery. In ‘De Korenschuur’ there is enough space for 120 people and the shooting gallery has a capacity of 60 people. Adjacent to both halls there is access to a private terrace. De Waldhoorn is easily reachable from the A1, A12, A30 and A50. When travelling by public transport you can get off at train station Ede-Wageningen and from there you can take the bus to Otterlo. De Waldhoorn has enough parking spots. There are also several activities and cooperations with professional partners, so this location offers a total package for a meetings.
  • Beamer
  • Sound equipment
  • Microphone
  • Flipover
  • Airconditioning
  • Parking spots

De Korenschuur & Shooting gallery

‘De Korenschuur’ is a big renovated all with a capacity of about 120 people with nice oak wood tables and chairs with cowhide. The adjoining private terrace allows you to regain energy and inspiration. The terrace is with nice couches. There is place in the sun and shadow. The shooting gallery is a smaller renovated hall with a capacity of approximately 60 people. In the basement there is a shooting range, where you can experience a nice shooting workshop.

4 uurs meeting arrangement

Cosy and unique meetings in this former farm. This 4 hour arrangement includes a Veluwse lunch and there is access to a hall with own terrace, so when the weather allows it, the meeting can be moved outside. For more information take a look at the 4 hour meeting arrangement.

8 hour meeting arrangement

Meeting at a special location in the centre of Otterlo and the Veluwe. This place has more than 200 years of experience as restaurant and cafe. Organise your own meeting in one of these halls with a private terrace. For more information, please take a look at the 8 hour meeting arrangement.

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